Big Brands and Facebook LIVE, A Target Halloween Showcase Example

I said it in the beginning of the year and it is coming true, 2018 will turn the tides of brands using LIVE.

Target’s use of Facebook LIVE to debut their Halloween products was more than just an entertaining piece of content and a way for people to “eye shop” from home, it also signifies the growing use of LIVE video by big brands.

What does that mean for smaller brands? It means the standards will change and we’ll (yes, myself included) have to find ways to stand out.

I’ve seen a number of bigger brands use LIVE in the last year for training, interviews, and a few “ask the expert” shows. One thing that most of them lack is consistent engagement with their audience.

Interaction with the LIVE audience is going to be the one thing that brings the audience to smaller rather than large brands. That real-time engagement is the magic of LIVE, make sure to keep it alive when you #GoLIVE!

What do you think about Target using LIVE in this manner?

What do you think about the future of LIVE now that big brands are adapting it into their marketing and communication strategies?

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