Taking Your Place on Stage with LIVE

Hello! My name is Jenn Nelson. I've spent the last three years learning about and loving the power of LIVE video! In fact, I have created my entire personal brand around this love LIVE. Why? It's simple, I believe and want to share my belief that LIVE video is the fastest way to create a genuine connection over the internet.

Anyone with a smart phone and the motivation to share their passion can take a spot on a global virtual stage TODAY!

Whether your goal is to make waves about a passionate cause in your life or two run a successful small business, people just like you are using the power of human connection and authenticity that LIVE video created.


What prevents people from using LIVE video as a powerful communication, marketing, and sales tool boils down to a steep  learning curve and the confidence to hit the button to #GoLIVE. We worry about our looks, wonder if our message is strong enough, and dread the fear of rejection or ridicule. I know this to be true, because I had to overcome all of these hurdles and many more.

Let me give you the shortcuts and the confidence to try LIVE video for yourself.


Your LIVE Tools


Looking to see what others are doing in with LIVE video? There's a great group of very passionate people already sharing their journey in the #LetsLivestream Facebook Group.


Sharing shortcuts and  helping to alleviate the pains of LIVE video is why Jenn's LIVE exists. Check out my blog/LIVE content for a few thoughts that might save you some time (and money).

Extra Help

We all need some extra guidance when something seems complicated. Let's chat about what's blocking your progress or preventing you from going LIVE.  Contact me for a FREE 30-minute problem-solving chat!

My Live Content

Here's a small sampling of my more recent LIVE content both for my personal brand, Jenn's LIVE, and from the Ladies Go LIVE.

The logo and the colors might be different, but the core message is the same throughout all of these videos: understand LIVE and how it can help you to achieve your online goals.